Nifty Workflow

Administering The Nifty Test

Simple, safe and easy testing for expecting women 

01. Pre-test Counseling

Conduct pre-test genetic counseling with patient and sign consent form.

02. Take Test

Carry out 10 ml blood draw from patient.

03. Seperation

If plasma separation will be carried out locally, conduct blood and plasma separation (not mandatory).

04. Package

Pack blood/plasma sample in NIFTY™ test package.

05. Send Test

Send test package to NIFTY™ certified laboratory with our assigned courier company under our prepaid account.

06. Sequencing

Sequencing takes place at NIFTY™ laboratory..

07. Get Results

Receive test results 10 working days later.

08. Post-Test Counseling

Conduct post-test genetic counseling with patient.

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