Why Get A Nifty Test?

Why Get a NIFTY™ Test?

Available from week 10 of pregnancy, the NIFTY™ test gives you an early option to know more about the genetic health of your baby. Compared to traditional screening tests, the NIFTY™ test offers higher accuracy and lower false positive rates. This means that less women will undergo invasive diagnostic procedures such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling which carry a 1-2% risk of miscarriage.

NIFTY™ is non-invasive and therefore poses no risk to the mother or baby.

The NIFTY™ test is suitable if you exhibit any of the following indications:

  • History of a prior pregnancy with a trisomy
  • Require reassurance following previous screening result
  • Received IVF Treatment or have previously suffered from habitual abortion
  • Maternal age 35 years or older at delivery
  • Contraindications for invasive prenatal testing, such as placenta prevaria, risk of miscarriage or HBV infection
  • Fetal ultrasonographic findings indicating an increased risk of aneuploidy

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